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´Why Women?´ research undertaken by the Women´s Resource Centre in 2007 demonstrates the value and benefit of ´by women for women services´

Why Women?

Tindlemanor believes that women want and need women-only spaces in which to meet, work and access services. Women only services have been subject to unprecedented challenge in recent years and the number of women’s organisations has been in serious decline (Map of Gaps 2, 2009, End Violence Against Women Coalition and Equality and Human Rights Commission).

'Why women?' research undertaken by the Women’s Resource Centre in 2007 demonstrates the value and benefit of 'by women for women services':

“Safety, both physical and emotional, is a key benefit of women-only services. As a result, women feel supported and comfortable. They become empowered and develop confidence, greater independence and higher self-esteem. They are less marginalised and isolated and feel more able to express themselves. Women using these services feel that their voices are heard and listened to. Through sharing their experiences with other women to make sense of the world together, they develop a sense of solidarity. Finally, participants described women-only services as a sanctuary”

Women’s Resource Centre

Women’s Resource Centre summarise the benefits of women only services as follows:

Women are more comfortable to express themselves and articulate their needs.

Women are less constrained or intimidated when not exposed to the ´male gaze´

Women are able to ´stock´ before going out into mainstream, mixed spaces

Women-only leadership ensures women´s needs are met.

Women-only services deliver better outcomes than mixed spaces.